Build your Wealth and Keep it.

Personal Financial Strategies that are designed to protect your wealth and provide for your retirement

Once you retire your personal finances change forever.

When you retire your personal finances are no longer about handing your money over to the stock market or putting it in your retirement plan and hoping it works out.  It’s not about diversification, it’s about focus. And it’s not about complexity, it’s about simplification, minimizing risk and optimizing cash flow.

How it Works

At Sound Financial NW we help you gather all the pieces of your financial puzzle and develop a unified plan.

We call this plan “The Retirement Happy Factor”

We have a team that can help you customize your dream retirement and seek to make it a First-Class adventure.

This is accomplished with a 2-pronged approach


Pursue your monthly income.

When you retire you no longer will receive a paycheck?
Where will your money come from?
We help you develop a plan that is designed to provide guaranteed money showing up in your bank account on the first of every month.This gives you a sense of security, knowing that you have money coming in to cover your monthly expenses in retirement.


Manage and Grow.

Once you have established your monthly income, we help you develop a plan designed to grow the rest of your assets.  We want the assets to grow at a pace that keeps you ahead of inflation. But we are always aware that this is your retirement nest egg and if it is lost it will be hard if not impossible to replace. So, we take our job very serious when we design a plan to manage and grow your assets.

The Process



We provide comprehensive education through our downloadable guides, articles, video’s and individual consultation.



Together we look at your specific situation, determine your retirement goal and develop a strategy.  This strategy is all about creating a plan designed to achieve “The Retirement Happy Factor.” Securing your retirement income, then establishing plans designed to grow the rest of your assets.


Custom Plan

Once we have picked our strategy we move to developing a custom plan.  This plan is designed to allow you to live your dream retirement with Joy, confidence and assurance the plan is designed uniquely for your circumstances.



This is where we take the plan and put it to work.  At this stage you will know your retirement is planned out and you have on the road to achieve the “The Retirement Happy Factor”

Who We Serve

Aspiring Retiree

If you are within 5-10 years of retirement you may have a combination of excitement and angst.  This is a key time for you to start a different type of strategic planning. We call this time period the “Retirement Red Zone.” The decisions you make during this time period may determine if your retirement is going to be “First Class or Coach”

*Key points

+ Start a plan of where your income will come from when you retire.

+ Don’t lose your retirement nest egg in a market downturn just before you retire.

“Protect and Grow”


If you have already retired but have not put a plan in place that secures your monthly income and protects your retirement funds from life changing market declines.  Or if you have your assets in many places, it may be time to simplify, gain control, and get peace of mind about your retirement assets.

*Key points

+ Make sure you have a source of guaranteed monthly income that shows up on the first of every month, regardless of market conditions.

+ Protect your assets against loss and grow them to keep up with inflation.

Who We Are

We Are … Focused on your Success

We Are … Committed to helping you achieve “The Retirement Happy Factor”

We Are … A firm that strives to uphold a Fiduciary Standard.  Our loyalty is to our Clients.


Keep more of what you’ve made.

From optimizing your monthly income to protecting your assets,
from minimizing your financial risk to building wealth and legacy.



If I choose income for life and I passed away early does the insurance company keep my money?

The answer is no in most cases the insurance company does not keep the remaining funds. The remaining funds would go to your beneficiaries. The choice is up to you on who the funds would be left too.


Can I get guaranteed income for life?

Yes, this is one of the options that you could choose, but we will show you many options and let you decide which is best for you.


I want to move my 401(k) or IRA but I don’t want to pay taxes?

Good news, you don’t have to pay taxes.  You can roll over your 401(k) or transfer your IRA from one company to another and keep the money tax deferred. There will be no tax consequences.